We're sorry to see you here

Complaints are not what we like to see, so firstly we are sorry you have found yourself here. But where we have done wrong we aim to learn from our failings to prevent them happening again. Our phone lines are all recorded which gives us the ability to listen back to any incident that may arise and all our drivers trips are logged giving us detailed information about the trips from knowing the exact time to the second you entered the vehicle to any stops made on route and where the driver cleared. We can replay the whole trip even telling us the speed your driver was travelling at. So we have a lot of information to aid your complaint.

In the first instant, a call into the duty shift controller is advisable ideally as soon as possible to the event you are reporting. If your complaint can not be dealt with at this level or you are not satisfied you should contact us here and allow us the opportunity to look into your complaint, address it and hopefully come to a resolution for you.


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