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Web booker Passenger information

You are about to use our web booker service. But before you do we would just like to inform you of a few important bits of information mainly involving the use of our service during the Covid-19 Pandemic. But also general booking information when making an online booking.

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Most of our drivers will accept full capacity in their vehicles, so if there are 4 passengers a standard saloon vehicle is ok. However Some do not allow passengers to sit in the front of the vehicle in the passenger seat. This is also a recommendation by TFL (our regulator). Our advice in this situation would be if there is 4 or more passengers give one of our booking agents a call who will advise on the best course of action. It is also worth noting how many passengers there will be travelling in the box labelled ‘Notes For Driver’ on the booking screen so we are aware when we dispatch your car.


As recommended by the Government it is now a legal requirement that both drivers and all passengers over the age of 11 must wear face protection for the duration of their trips. The face covering must cover both the nose and the mouth. It does not need to be a medical grade mask. Exemptions also apply. Fines can be applied by authorities and neither us (Mount Cars Ltd) or our drivers take any responsibility should you be fined. Our drivers also have the right to refuse any passenger who is not wearing a mask, even with an exception if they feel it could effect their own health and welfare but they must not demand any evidence of exemption from you.


All our drivers will accept cash as a form of payment. However if you prefer to avoid using cash you can pay using your card. None of our drivers have card machines in their vehicles. If booking online you must make card payment at the point of booking, directly on the website. If you place a booking on the phone our booking agents can send you a text message with a link to make the payment using our 3d secure payment provider. While using this facility you may see the requested amount is more then the quoted amount. This is perfectly normal, it is simply a holding amount, this amount will be checked as free available funds in your account and held until your trip is completed. On completion you will find only the original quoted amount plus any additional waiting time (if applicable) will have been processed from your account and the excess amount released back to your account. (Our drivers can not influence this costing it is all recorded based on the tracking of the drivers PDA to calculate waiting time).


All our drivers as advised by both us and TFL to wipe down high contact areas between passengers such as door handles, seat belts and steering wheel. They should also give their vehicles a through clean at the end of ever shift. Every driver is advised to carry hand sanitiser to be used between trips, water and a cloth as well as a face mask. They are not advised to wear gloves as this has been proven to be ineffective protection. A very limited number of drivers have opted to have a screen partition fitted between the front and rear of the vehicle. This is not compulsory and is a very grey area in terms of compliance with TFL, more research is currently being conducted on their effectiveness and safety.



If you have any special request you need to make regarding your booking, it is always advised you contact a booking agent either via email, online chat facility or giving us a call. We will advise on the best course of action to meet your request if at all possible. It is also always advised that you add your request to the section ‘Notes For Driver’ on the booking screen.


When requiring a vehicle for more then 3 people and more then 2 cases and 1 hand luggage, it is good practice to always list the number of passengers and the total amount of Luggage in the ‘Note For Drivers’ field on the booking screen. This allows us to dispatch you the right sized vehicle and stops any discrepancies.


If you are booking an Airport transfer (a trip to or from the Airport) please ensure you add your flight number into the flight number field on the booking form. We only require this on bookings collecting you from the airport. This enables us to track your flight for early or delayed arrivals. General advised travel times are as follows to London City – 30 mins, Stansted – 30-45 mins. Luton – 1 hr. Heathrow – 1hr 30 mins. Gatwick – 2hrs. Southend – 1hr. If in doubt please ask. Our prices include all airport charges with up to 1 hours parking at airports where it is compulsory (Gatwick, Heathrow, London City). Pick up/drop off charges are required. The only possible additional fee chargeable would be waiting time. We offer 45 minutes grace on this for all airports. This is proven to be more then enough time to pass through the terminal. Anything longer then this is extremely rare, however we can allow for longer provided we are given advice notice in written or verbal form (Email, live chat, WhatsApp or Phone call).


The responsibility to book the correct sized vehicle at the time of booking lays with you, we will only send when you request. You are free to ask us before hand what we would recommend prior to booking and we will always advise as best we can in order to do this it is vital that you tell us exactly how much luggage you actually have. Drivers will not carry luggage on their vehicle seats, this is not only extremely dangerous for all travellers in the vehicle, but also runs the risk that damage could be caused to the vehicle interior. If it does not fit in the boot it can not travel in the vehicle.


If you need any help prior to booking we are available 24/7 365 days a year, just get in touch